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Construction Mandatory Standard

Edge Protection

This mandatory standard must be applied at all construction locations:

  • All edge protection must comply as a minimum to clause 33.9 with CASSE
  • All edge protection must be properly designed in line with the Temporary Works process
  • Consider slopes on roofs and ensure that the angle of the edge protection complies with all relevant industry standards
  • All edge protection must have suitable material fall protection measures installed as soon as the edge protection is installed (ie. as part of the handover process)
  • This includes all scaffold lifts, unless there are no materials on the lift, and access to the lift is prevented at all times
  • Material fall protection measures must be capable of preventing falls of any materials being used in the vicinity
  • Pre-construction teams to ensure that any additional costs to comply with this are included within the tender
  • Edge protection design will vary dependant on roof inclination

Pat Boyle

Managing Director