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Arm Protection During the Handling and use of Materials and Sharp Edges

Must be applied at all locations

  • Operatives involved in operations such as SFS and dry lining are required to handle lengths of material with sharp edges and corners. The correct glove with a high level of cut resistance is required and is routinely provided, but the need to protect the forearms is often overlooked.​
  • Arm protection can take different forms:​ Gauntlet type gloves, or​ “Arm-guards” worn separately to the gloves, such as those worn by the operative in the photo. ​
  • Protection can be obtained up to cut level 5 so selecting the correct protection will depend on the nature of the identified hazard.​
  • Ensure this is discussed at Pre-Start SHE meetings with sub-contractors to whom this applies and that protection is supplied and used during the works.
  • Some branded work-wear has built in wrist protection

Pat Boyle

Managing Director