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Flame retardant certification for temporary protective sheeting

Must be applied at all construction locations

  • There are only 2 acceptable standards for flame retardance of protective sheeting:
  • For temporary flexible protection used internally:
  • LPS 1207 or
  • Technical Schedule 63 (Certifire Product Certification Scheme)
  • For scaffold sheeting, or netting (including temporary heat shrink wrap roof sheeting)
  • LPS 1215 or 
  • Technical Schedule 62 (Certifire Product Certification Scheme)
  • Some suppliers may claim their material is fire retardant but if it does not comply with these particular standards, it does not meet our requirements and must not be used.
  • With very few exceptions, (examples of exceptions including bubble wrap and door frame foam protection) the material will be marked as the examples.

Pat Boyle

Managing Director