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Flat Glass Storage and Handling

Mandatory - Must be Applied at all Locations

  • The handling of flat glass involves the risk of serious personal injury.
  • All flat glass supplied to our sites must be:
  • On purposed made stillages compliant to BS EN 13035
  • Inclined at correct angle – 5-6 degrees from vertical
  • Individually banded with belts or straps manufactured in accordance with the requirements of EN 132464.
  • On removal of glass from stillage consideration must be given to the remaining glass to be secured appropriately
  • Due to the nature of glass transportation there is a risk that a vacuum can be created between sheets therefore appropriate transit pads must be fixed to protect the glass and reduce the risk of injury when unpacking whereby a vacuum could cause a collapse of glass.
  • Stillages used in lifting must be of adequate strength for the particular load and lifting operation.

Pat Boyle

Managing Director