Image Description

Hoist Run Off - No Loading Area

Must be applied at all locations

  • To ensure a safe route is maintained for the movement of people, trolleys and materials when loading and unloading hoists, the following must be implemented.
  • A ‘No Loading’ area must be highlighted by the painting of a hatched area on the floor.
  • This area must extend a minimum of 2500mm from the base of the hoist ramp, or run off, and be the full width of the corridor (or 2500mm wide if in an open space).
  • Where site constraints prevent the area being 2500mm by 2500mm, the no loading area must be as large as is possible.
  • If there is a need for work to be undertaken in the hatched area that would restrict the area, this must be managed under a General Access Control permit (on SIMS), and the hoist operator advised this level is taken out of use

Pat Boyle

Managing Director