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Concrete Skips (Bale Arm Entrapment Risk)

Mandatory Must be applied at all locations

  • Bale arm type concrete skips present a risk of crushing if the bale arm is free to drop/swing down. To prevent this the following must be undertaken as a minimum.
  • Wherever possible, use column skips that do not rely on the operator securing a bale arm with a safety chain. See Visual Standard SHE-VIS-054 – Concrete Skips (Reduced Entrapment)
  • If the design of the skip does not include means of securing the bale arm (such as a safety chain) it must not be used.
  • Wherever possible, place the bale arm in the low position so it cannot drop/swing down. Never lift the bail arm by hand.
  • If the bail arm must remain upright, ensure it is secured with a safety chain, including when filling, cleaning, storing, and transporting.
  • Cleaning frames can assist in reducing the risk of entrapment as the arm needs to be placed in the low position to detach the crane.

Pat Boyle

Managing Director