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Circular Sawing Machines

Mandatory - Must be applied at all locations

  • For all Circular Sawing Machines – A push stick must be used. This must feed the last 300mm of a cut. The push stick must be at least 450mm long, with a ‘birds mouth’. A second push stick might be required for certain tasks. Hands should never be closer than 300mm to the front of the blade.
  • Dust Suppression – All circular sawing machines must be dust suppressed. If using portable vacuums, these must be a minimum of M rated. Refer to Workstation LEV visual standard
  • Working Areas – All circular sawing machines must be bench mounted and secure. All working areas must be free of trailing leads and trip hazards, this includes leads, waste material and material to be used. Refer to Chop Saw/Circular Saw Workstations visual standard.
  • Noise Protection – whilst using circular saws or bench mounted saws all operatives must ensure that hearing protection is worn. Depending on the location of the works, it might be necessary to make the area a mandatory hearing protection zone if other trades cannot work in other areas.
  • More information can be found on the HSE woodwork information sheet 16 Circular bench saws. Circular saw benches - Safe working practices WIS16 (

Pat Boyle

Managing Director