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Best Practice

Fire Information Box

Consider at all construction locations

  • The provision of a fire information box must be available for;
  • High Rise Projects
  • Timber Frame Projects
  • Hospitals And Other Occupied Premises
  • Key information should be identified on 2 copies of plans, printed and laminated on A3 size
  • It should include;
  • Fire and Rescue Service access, firefighting shafts, firefighting lifts and temporary hoist facilities;
  • Dedicated emergency escape routes and staircases;
  • Sprinkler installations, including the expected timeline for when each section of sprinkler protection will be operational;
  • Positions of hydrants on or near the site, dry riser inlets and wet risers;
  • Hazardous items such as location of flammable liquids, gas cylinders, gas mains, electrical risers, any unstable elements or significant voids.

Pat Boyle

Managing Director