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General Floor Cleaning

This mandatory standard must be applied at all construction locations.

  • Brooms should only be utilised for clearing debris, not dust. When brooms are used, water suppression must be implemented and operatives must wear self checking RPE which has been correctly face fitted.
  • Dust will become airborne when swept. If dust or debris must be cleared then a vacuum cleaner with an ‘H’ or ‘M’ class filtration must be used. General vacuums are not effective in collecting dust.
  • Golden Rules for dust and debris management on site:
  • Maintain good housekeeping standards to reduce build up of dust and debris.
  • Use on tool extraction to reduce the need for cleaning up.
  • Always opt for a vacuum for clearing of dust and debris.
  • Brooms to be used as last resort with additional controls required to include - dampening down, face fit tested self checking RPE.

Pat Boyle

Managing Director