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MEWP (Boom Type) Harness ON System

Consider at all locations

  • Falls from MEWP baskets continues to be the leading cause of fatal accidents during MEWP operation globally.
  • Harness ON is an intelligent anchor point system that prevents the operation of a MEWP until the operator attaches their harness carabiner.
  • Once the carabiner is clipped onto Harness ON, an electronic signal tells the MEWP that operation is now safe and allows function until the carabiner is finally unclipped.
  • The operator must connect their harness to the Harness ON device, with all other occupants connecting to the MEWPs normal anchor point.
  • Harness ON can be fitted to any Mobile Boom Type (IPAF 3b Category) machine regardless of manufacturer.
  • Specialist harnesses are not required, as this system works with standard harness carabiners, and Harness ON does not prevent the use of ground controls if a rescue is required.
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Pat Boyle

Managing Director