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Fire Points

This mandatory standard must be applied at all construction locations:

  • On site, include a wireless interlinked fire alarm with audible and flashing strobe.
  • Minimum Signage:-
  • Fire Point Sign
  • Fire Extinguisher Labels
  • Fire Action Notice
  • Fire Plan/Drawing
  • These must be located at exit points, along fire escape routes and in areas where there is increased fire risk. e.g. Flammable store areas, unless stated otherwise in the Fire Risk Assessment and fire strategy.
  • Unless requested through risk assessment, avoid placing dry powder extinguishers in site welfare and inside buildings due to potential respiratory and visibility issues.
  • Consider using protective boxes or covers for external fire points.
  • Request frost additive for all water based extinguishers when used during winter months to avoid freezing.
  • Regular fire point inspection must be recorded on Fire Point Inspection Record Form (SHE REG FRM 20).

Pat Boyle

Managing Director