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Workstation Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV)

This mandatory standard must be applied at all construction locations:

  • All dust producing cutting tools must be used with Local Extraction Ventilation (LEV), and these must be:
  • Minimum of ‘M’ or ‘H’ Class extraction.
  • Class type must be displayed on equipment.
  • LEV Connection hoses must be made as per manufacturer’s instructions and never make-shift i.e. using duct tape.
  • Respiratory Protective Equipment (minimum of FFP3) self checking and face fitted worn in addition to the operational LEV.
  • Domestic type vacuums must not be used for LEV.
  • For typical dust hazards a suitable COSHH assessment must be carried out to determine the level of respiratory risk in order to prevent occupational diseases.
  • All LEV must be thoroughly examined every 14 months, and certification that this has been undertaken provided to Morgan Sindall

Pat Boyle

Managing Director